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Corona treaters
Web cleaning devices
Web guiding units
Actuators for web guiding units
Videocameras and 100% web inspection systems
Colour control systems
Labelling units
Viscosity control systems suitable for water, solvent based inks and adhesives
Printing cylinder clamping device
Gear box for printing cylinder drive
Roller bearings for printing cylinders support, mounted on the unit side frame
Register control systems for colour to colour register and cold seal
LEL control systems
Web humidifiers
Web thickness measuring unit for the detection of ink or adhesive applied thickness
Thermal and sound insulation. Sound proofing cabinets and panels
Inks and solvents valves
Pneumatic motors
Pneumatic cylinders
Air springs to actuate the pneumatic groups, such as laminating nips
Special pneumatic pistons to support the impression sleeve mandrel
Pneumatic pistons for dancing rollers
Mounting groups for dancing rollers, for the web tension control
Load cells for web tension control
Potentiometers for dancing rollers
Electric motors for web length register control
Motors for the side register control
Gear reducers
Doctor blade holders
Doctor blades in either steel or polyester
Back up blades
Photocells, adhesive level sensor, web brake detection
Guides and slides
Rubber impression roller, sleeves with a full range of rubber hardness
Impression mandrels for impression sleeves
Special rollers to remove web creases for unwinders and rewinders
Aluminum idler rollers with different grooving profiles
Pulling group steel cylinders
Dual shell steel laminating rollers, thermally controlled
Web preconditioning drums
Heating-cooling units for calenders
Aluminum chill rollers
Chromed turning bars
Blowers - fans
Web static eliminating units at the unwind and rewind areas
Safety guards for printing units
Machine lighting lamps
Pneumatic rotary unions
Toothed and smooth pulleys, transmission belts
Tanks for compressed air
Centralized lubrication system
Electric lockouts
Electrical cabinets, and consoles
Catwalks, ladders
Fire extinguishing systems
Chill water systems, supply and return lines
Heating system, oil-steam piping, gas supply lines etc..
Solvent supply lines
Gas burners control train
Air compressors
Cleaning products for rotogravure and flexographic presses