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Printing trolley wheels
Printing trolley frame
Ink pans
Ink applicator
Inking rollers
Rotogravure printing cylinders
Rotogravure printing cylinders engraving
Special pneumatic cylinders
Ink filters
Ink hoses
Complete sets including ink pump, hoses, filter, fittings
Electric motors for ink pumps
Ink pumps, centrifugal, pneumatic
Standard or custom design ink tanks and relevant accessories, ink pumps etc..
Dedicated groups for pumping adhesives
Adhesive mixers
Complete trolleys
PVDC application with kiss coating groups
PVDC applicator
Heating or chilling units for cylinders
Coating rollers
Solventless coating rollers
Solventless metering rollers
Solventless metering rollers
Semiflexo coating rollers
Semiflexo metering rollers
Flexo pressure backing rollers
Plate cylinders
Anilox rollers
Enclosed chamber doctor blade
Special trolleys for cylinders replacement
Printing cylinder through shafting units
Storage unit for rolls
Pneumatic motors
Pneumatic cylinders
Gear reducers
Doctor blade
Doctor blades in either steel or polyester
Blackup blade
Cleaning products for rotogravure and flexographic presses
Heated dual pipe for mixers
Heated band for 200Kg drums
Mixer shaft
Stainless steel guarding for mixers
Mixing head for mixers
Nylon cap for mixer head
Adhesive level ultrasonic sensor for mixer tank
Angled connector for ultrasonic sensor
Filter for adhesive dispenser
Dehyumidifying salts for 200 Kg drums
Dual diaphragm pneumatic pumps
Diaphragm replacement kits and pump spare parts kit
Dip hoses kit suitable for 200 Kg drums
Metering gear pump
Cartridge type resistance for high temperature
Additional tank for the mixer
Solventless trolley adhesive dams
Side seals
Movable device -support for stirring the solventless adhesive
Rotary union for water
Capacity sensor for adhesive level
Mixing head
Peristaltic pumps
Mayer bar, metering bar